UJUMP is a non-profit junior mentoring program run by Lynbert “Cheese” Johnson. The program focuses on middle school students from Wichita and Andover schools in Kansas. UJUMP concentrates on the “average” student – the ones that get passing grades but are at risk of being overlooked. Cheese Johnson meets with the kids once a week in their schools, emphasizing the importance of school studies, social skills, self-motivation, and family involvement.

The Game Plan

The initial phase of the pilot project will consist of a select group of youth from selected middle school.

About Cheese

WSU graduate and member of the Shocker Sports Hall of Fame, professional basketball veteran and youth mentor.

Get Involved

Learn how you can get involved in the
UJUMP mentoring program and make a difference in the lives of our youth.

“All children should be given the chance to succeed, to be starters in life.
Learning to develop positive habits and to create high goals can be a game-changer.”

– Cheese Johnson