Crossroad Kids

Our Greatest Potential

UJUMP Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit junior mentoring program focusing on middle school students from Wichita and Andover schools. We‘ve found that academic achievers, athletes, and at-risk students all have opportunities and programs presented to them. UJUMP concentrates on the “average” student – the ones that get passing grades but are at risk of being overlooked.

These students are often the ones that get passing grades but are at risk of getting passed by.

  • These may be the quiet ones in class, often invisible and easily forgotten.
  • They could be the ones without a support structure at home, coming to school unprepared-homework undone, physically tired, or emotionally fragile.
  • Perhaps they are the awkward ones, short on interpersonal skills, struggling to relate to their peers or challenged with respect to authority.
  • Maybe they are the ones without hopes or dreams, lacking inspiring role models for setting, and reaching life goals.

We believe that all children should be given the chance to succeed, to be starters in life. Learning to develop positive habits and to create and achieve high goals can be a game changer.