Crossroad Kids

Our Greatest Potential

The UJUMP program identifies middle schoolers who are at a critical stage of cementing their future course. They are at the crossroads of establishing the thinking skills and work habits that will propel them onto a successful path in high school, a technical career or college and into life!

These students are often the ones that get passing grades but are at risk of getting passed by …

  • They might be the quiet ones in class, often invisible and easily forgotten — even the nonsqueaky wheels deserve attention.
  • They could be the ones without a support structure at home that come ill-prepared to take on the school day — homeworkundone, physically exhausted, or emotionally fragile.
  • Perhaps they are the awkward ones, short on interpersonal skills, struggling to relate with their peers or challenged with respect to authority.
  • Maybe they are the ones without hopes or dreams — short-changed when it comes to inspiring role models for setting, and reaching, life goals.

These students are at the crossroads. They are full of potential … to go either up or down.